100/100 Challenge

Hello Friends!

We’ll it’s official! The papers are in and the race is officially on. I love my job, and I am so proud to have your support, come what may. We are going to be running non-stop for the next four weeks, and what would a rocking campaign be without kick-awesome campaign swag?

That’s right, our 2017 edition T-shirts are in and They. Are. AWESOME. They have everything I’m fighting hard for right up front: Confident Kids, Engaged Parents, and Great Schools. [snap of front]

On the back, there are my people. [My people! It’s the real you! The outlines here are from real friends and family who literally lined up with me to take a stand for public education. No front groups. No fake shots. This way, I always know my people have my back on the campaign trial.

We have a few on hand for volunteers to wear for door knocking and events, but we thought we’d give you all a chance to earn one of your very own.

For the next 15 days, we’re having a T-shirt challenge, campaign style.

We challenge you to take the 100/100 challenge in exchange for a campaign T-shirt.
And what does that entail?

You come out and knock 100 on 100 doors between now and October 5, the t-shirt is on us. We will order a custom batch, make to order with your size. We are door knocking every single day, and we love company. Go for it!!




Too tied up? Not a problem. You can get your very own custom Campaign 2017 T-shirt with every donation of $100.

100 bucks, or 100 doors. The challenge is yours.
Are you up for it? Let’s win this together!!