We get it. Parting with cold hard cash is a big deal. Especially these days.

And if you know Julie well enough to give her your cash, you probably know not to expect any favours. Fight for justice, and she’ll fight beside you. Bring your agenda, and you’ll carry it alone. (Can’t say we didn’t warn you.)

So why contribute?

Your money is more than just cash for the campaign.

In an era of anger, it’s a chance to set the tone for better politics and positive action.
In an era of division, it’s a chance to keep a genuine consensus-builder at the decision making table.
In an era of shrinking common resources, it’s a chance to defend public education.

Most importantly, it’s a chance to show our kids that they can do as we say AND as we do when we tell them that we all have a voice, and each voice matters.

Please contribute what you can today.

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