Creating opportunities for parent voice in decisions and helping parents understand how and why decisions are made at the CBE has been a top priority for me during my time on the board. I had the privilege to play an active role in CBE’s Engagement Framework in 2015. This framework has since aided many productive parent engagement sessions including those on transportation, impacted schools, literacy and math.

Strengthening engagement will  be a focus of mine if I am re-elected.

Further Thoughts:
2016…Grabbing Engagement By The Horns.

One of the first things on my list when I got elected was to push forward Aboriginal education and Truth and Reconciliation at the CBE. I worked for months with trustee’s, staff and elders to implement Acknowledgement of Land and Territory at CBE Board meetings. This acknowledgement is now occurring at meetings and events throughout the system. It is a symbol but symbols matter, as they can be steps towards greater social change.

But much more needs to be done and I am committed to work to find more ways to support Aboriginal students so they feel safe and connected at school.

I am currently an elected member on the ASBA First Nations, Metis and Inuit Task Force and the trustee representative on the CBE Elder’s Advisory Committee.

Further Thoughts:
Creating A Sense Of ‘Place’ For Our Indigenous Students

Before the last election the CBE budget contained 5 items. The public did not have a clear understanding on where public money was being spent. In the past four years much work has been done by Trustees and Administration to create a detailed budget that is transparent, accountable and easy for the public to understand.

I will continue to engage with staff, ask questions and research new opportunities to ensure CBE finances continue to be accountable and transparent to the public as we move forward.


I recently asked parents to help find solutions to traffic congestion and safety issues around schools. Traffic issues are community issues. We as community members have a role to play in being more responsible and safe around our schools.

I am eager to continue this work with school councils, staff, community associations, city councillors, police and other community members to find solutions to these important community issues.

Further Thoughts:  Being Mindful: Traffic Safety Around Our Schools


I proudly supported the creation and the passing of the CBE’s Welcoming, Safe and Caring policy. Feeling safe is fundamental for every child to be successful in school, including LGBTQ students. I will continue to work to create policies and opportunities so all of our students feel welcomed and cared for so they can be the best in learning and life.

Further Thoughts:
Who Needs LGBTQ Guidelines? We do!

I have taken a leadership role at the CBE and provincially on sustainability policy. School boards have a responsibility to lead the conversation so our school can reduce our ecological footprint, reduce costs and create some amazing learning for our students. I am passionate about preparing our students and the CBE for the sustainability challenges and possibilities ahead. I commit to continuing this work if I am re-elected.

Further Thoughts:
Could the Alberta School Board Association (ASBA) be the first provincial school board organization in the country to self-declare a sustainability policy?

School Communities Are Doing it, Political Leaders Can Too.



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